Tip • Easy Lighting Setup and Enter Our Giveaway

Last week we reviewed the FJ Westcott Rapid Box (see it here) and two weeks ago we reviewed the Mag Mod spot grid and gel (see it here). Today I’d like to show you an easy lighting setup that even I can do. I am the first to admit that lighting is not my strong point. But in Oregon, you often have to come up with something. We often have horrible, flat lighting outside and inside; it’s so dark you can barely see. Here is an easy, two light setup that I like to use with my two favorite lighting modifiers.


I like this lighting setup so much, you can enter to win the exact one. It includes TWO STROBES, ONE TRANSMITTER, ONE WESTCOTT RAPID BOX and A MAG MOD. That’s over $1500 in lighting gear that you can win.


(Winner chosen April 30.)

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