Tip • Have a Lawyer

This is going to be a very quick and simple tip about why having a lawyer can help save you from copyright infringement, and ensure your business and images are protected.

Two Stories

I have two stories for you – one with a happy ending and one with a frustrating ending. A friend of mine discovered some of her images were being used by a large company, and addressed that business without a lawyer. Unfortunately, she ended up in a messy situation, leaving her stressed and without a resolution for the infringement.

Another friend discovered his images were used on another photographer’s site, and this photographer was claiming they were his images. This unfortunately happens more than I’d like to see in this industry. Our lawyer, Aaron Stark, specializes in intellectual property for creative professionals, and was able to take the reigns. Not only was he able to stop the activity, he was able to get a financial settlement from this dishonest photographer. The cost to my friend? Nothing, as Mr. Stark often works on these cases for a percentage of the settlement.

For Fundy Software, Mr. Stark has ensure our trademarked Album Builder® and Drop Zones® are not used by other companies (and some have tried to use them). We continue to trust in him, and we know that when Mr. Stark is in charge, we get action.


So, if you have a lawyer, awesome. If you don’t, get one on retainer. If you don’t know anyone, we recommend contacting Mr. Stark and get him on retainer. His brother is a professional photographer, and he knows a lot about our industry. He is also great to work with, and is able to help you even if you are outside of the U.S. His contact info.