Tip – Master Photographer BBC Series

You may want to set aside half a day for this tip of the week. I apologize beforehand for the time you’ll lose working today. The upside? I think you’ll enjoy this wonderful series by the BBC and also, find some new ideas for your own photography.

In 1983, the BBC made a documentary series on living master photographers of the time. They are fantastic! Without further ado, here’s the series.

Ansel Adams

[youtube_video] rdCq-1MJmHw [/youtube_video]

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

[youtube_video] WWBGRjJNAwg [/youtube_video]

Andre Kertesz

[youtube_video] Olc_QLDPUeU [/youtube_video]

Alfred Eisenstaedt

[youtube_video] xdfOo4yh6c0 [/youtube_video]

Bill Brandt

[youtube_video] o3KuY0quBsk [/youtube_video]

Andreas Feininger

[youtube_video] 23UjjfnlDDc [/youtube_video]

Again, our apologies if you just lost half a day.