Tip – The Denouement

Yes, that’s right, I just threw down some French. But, don’t worry, it’s not very complicated. My college degree is not a B.S in Computer Science like you might think, but a B.A. in Literature. I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy thinking about the album as a complete story, just like I would a book or a movie.

Choosing The Ending Shot Is Difficult

As we design the album in chronological order, our natural inclination is to end the album with the bride and groom leaving the wedding in the limo or the last shot we have of them dancing. Chronologically these are the last shots we have of them. And while these should be included in the album, these shots, in my opinion do not wrap up the story and create the feeling at the end of the album that we want.

kepple© © Randy Kepple

Frank-salas_0502-© Frank Salas

Ending With The Quiet Moment Is Better

Instead of ending the album with the drive away, ending an album with a quiet moment between the bride and groom ties the story together better. It takes all of the events of the day and boils them down to just one thing, the love between the bride and groom. This is what truly ties everything together.

So, with the next album you design, try ending the album with a fantastic denouement shot, that ties the entire story together.

Stephanie and Joe's wedding at Casa Golondrinas in La Manzanilla, Mexico.© © Chrisman Studio


© Jerry Ghionis


© Hiram Trillo