Tip • Omega Reflector Review

Jerry Ghionis and Westcott sent me the new Omega Reflector to try out and review. I’m not the most proficient photographer with a reflector, but I was able to try out some cool new stuff.


This is most easily explained by the image on the Omega front page. It’s basically a reflector with a big window in the middle of it. But note, that you can cover up this hole with velcro flaps and use it as a regular reflector. So It’s pretty dang cool.

So why put a hole in a reflector? Basically it allows you to shoot through the reflector and get a “beauty dish” look out of a reflector. I found it useful in three distinct ways:

1) Shooting Through

This was pretty straight forward – simply bounce the light back at the model and shoot through the reflector.


2) Bounce the Flash

The second way that I found the Omega useful was to place a flash behind the subject, put the Omega in front, and you have a hair light and a main light all in one.


3) Black Side Toward The Model (My Favorite)

This is my favorite way to use the reflector. I like more dramatic light, so placing the black side down, toward the model, and using the reflector as a “window light” created some really great images.

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Behind the Scenes

Here is a fun behind the scenes video.

To learn more or purchase the Omega Reflector, visit the website here.