Tip of the Week – Design The Perfect Sample Album

Paul Rich of Portland, Oregon, recently submitted a businessly perfect sample album design. I know I just made a new word, businessly, but it’s the perfect word.

Sample albums need to be thought of in a strategic sense. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration, from a business point of view, when designing sample albums. Here are a few:

  1. The price of the sample.
  2. Balancing showing of a complete wedding with the shots needed to sell your services.
  3. Not overwhelming the client.

Price of the Sample

It’s no secret, nice wedding albums are really expensive. If you’ve chosen your album company wisely and want to really set yourself apart, with super nice, cool covers, that sample gets expensive pretty quickly. I subscribe to the same philosophy as Christine Perry-Burke, owner of Finao Albums, BIG, PRETTY and THIN. This means, purchase the largest sample album, with the fewest pages possible and the fanciest cover. For example, Finao’s largest physical album is the 12×18″ album. It’s huge! Add on the brushed metal cover, or the Bebbalicious cover, and do the minimum of 20 pages. This allows you to show big and pretty but still show an entire wedding. There is no need to show every last detail of a wedding with a 40-page sample album. And by cutting down on the number of pages, this helps make up the price difference of the bigger album.


By balance, I am talking about the balance for selling your services to the client. The bride needs to be made happy with fantastic detail shots and bridal portraits. There also need to be a few formals in there to let the bride know that mom and dad will be happy. Then throw in some fun shots so the groom will be happy. And make sure the entire day is covered.

Not Overwhelming the Client

Finally, make sure it isn’t a 60-page album. The bride and the groom will get bored. They want to see awesomeness and move on to the next thing.

We’d like to thank Paul Rich for this business-perfect sample album. Here’s the entire album.

There it is–an awesome system for awesome samples.