Tip of the Week – Have Fun

One thing that our marketing director, Timothy Uhl, always reminds me of, is to keep having fun whenever we’re doing something. So, we were out doing our Ice Light review with a bride and groom model and Tim recommended doing some light painting with Ice Lights. So we set the camera to a 14 second exposure and  just started painting and having fun.

You can see the results below. The moral of the story? Have some fun, play around whenever you can and you’ll find something new. I never expected the thick wisps of light from the Ice Light. It made sense after I saw it.

I’ve been reading a great book lately called “Imagine: How Creativity Works.”  They did a study at a school for creative children and found that the children are their most focused and creative when they’re in a state of free play.  The students are making costumes, writing music and so forth but they do their best work when their task is to simply play with their mediums.  What does that mean?  That means that having fun is actually a required element for doing our very best creative work.  All too often on our wedding and portrait shoots we’re so focused on “getting the shots” and it’s definitely an important part of the game, but do you ever leave time on a shoot open to surprise yourself?

If you’re feeling like your work lately is in need of a creative goose, PLAY is what will get you there.  Do what is fun for you.  Rent a new lens, try building a reflector and using it, wear grungy clothes to a shoot (make sure your client knows what you’re doing) so you can roll around in the dirt and get angles you wouldn’t otherwise.  Use props, lights, toys and exciting locations to add those extra elements of fun.

Ask yourself, “What would be fun for me?”  The answers that you come up with, are what you should try next.