Tip of the week – Selling More Albums

In this Tip of the Week, Fundy discusses how to sell more albums and how to have more success increasing album sales with cover upgrades, size upgrades, parent albums, etc. In this video, the selling process is broken down into three easy steps.

Get The Client Started

The first step is just getting the client started in the album process. This means getting the client into a package that includes an album or an album credit. I prefer album credit to albums, especially for weddings. Once the client is committed to buying an album, then the upgrades, etc., come more easily.

Set Expectations

The second step is simply to set expectations. Let the client know what most people do. If most clients end up going for a bigger album, with an upgraded cover and order a parent book or two, let them know. Also, let clients know how much most people end up spending on upgrades. This will help clients budget before they have a chance to buy.

The Psychology

In the last section of the video, we discuss the psychology of selling albums. We look at how clients actually make decisions and how they decide whether or not to buy.

Without further adieu, here is the video:

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