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Advanced Auto-Design with Fundy Designer v11: A Game-Changer for Photographers

January 23, 2024

Imagine revolutionizing your photography workflow with a tool that not only saves you countless hours but also elevates the quality of your work to new heights. Enter Fundy Designer v11 – the latest innovation in photography software that’s turning heads in the photography community. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Fundy Designer v11 is here to transform how you approach photography editing and design.

One-Click Wonder: The Power of Fundy Designer v11

Skin Retouching Made Simple:

Fundy Designer v11 brings a groundbreaking feature to the table – one-click skin retouching. With the ability to retouch hundreds of photos in mere seconds, this tool is a game-changer. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about precision. The software’s Perfectly Clear technology intelligently detects the age, gender, and race of subjects, ensuring the right level of touch-up for every individual. What’s more, you maintain full control. Want to tweak or remove the retouching on a particular photo? A simple click is all it takes, giving you the perfect balance of automation and customization.

Note: Skin retouching is only available to Fundy Designer subscribers with a monthly lease, yearly lease, or the Pro Enhancements add-on.

See the Advanced How To Video Below*

One Click Multi Design Wizard:

The all new Design Wizard is a true game changer. In One-Click, the Design Wizard automatically designs full albums, multiple wall art collections, and complimentary cards (announcement, save-the-date, thank-you cards). If you have ever been intimidated by the design process or lack the time to expand to wall art collections, now you have no excuse. Let the Design Wizard do it all for you in literally seconds. Learn more about each feature it offers below.

Album Design in a Flash:

But Fundy Designer v11 doesn’t stop there. The industries most advanced album design software just got faster. Choose your album’s cover style and watch as the software creates a stunning design in seconds. Prefer a more hands-on approach? Delve into the advanced features, selecting specific images, labs, and even incorporating your own or pre-designed templates. For the ultimate customization, exit the Design Wizard to group photos, tag cover shots, or create breathtaking panoramas. Want to just use your 5 star rated photos from Lightroom? No problem. Remember, flexibility is at your core – change anything in your design anytime.

See the Advanced How To Video Below*

Wall Art Wizardry:

Whether you’re a newbie or a wall art veteran, Fundy Designer v11 is set to revolutionize your approach. Choose from a variety of Design Sets, or create your own, and let the software work its magic. For those seeking more control, delve into options like canvas prints, metal prints, and more, all selectable based on your preferred star ratings. And yes, your Lightroom star ratings seamlessly integrate into the process. You can use just your 5 star or 4 star images. Or if you’ve sat with your clients and had them favorite their photos in Fundy Designer – then design off of just those. 

Customizable Cards with Ease:

Creating custom cards is a breeze with Fundy Designer v11. Select from various sizes, styles (flat or folded), and templates to craft the perfect card for any occasion. This feature is ideal for photographers looking to add a personal touch to their client offerings or personal projects. Add your logo, website and phone number to the back and now your thank you cards, holiday cards, save-the-date cards are free marketing materials for your business. 

Learn How to Use Fundy v11 Advanced Controls:

Learn how to design your album, wall art collections and a companion card in under 2 minutes. 

A Time-Saving, Creative Companion

Fundy Designer v11 isn’t just a tool; it’s your creative companion, designed to save you hundreds of hours while giving you unprecedented control over your client design. And the best part? We will be continually expanding the Design Wizard, giving you more automated features at your fingertips. Fundy Designer v11 is more than software – it’s a commitment to enhancing your creativity and efficiency. Embrace the future of photography editing and design with Fundy Designer v11 – where your imagination meets our innovation.

Pricing and Availability 

Fundy Designer v11 is now available. It’s a free upgrade for anyone with a monthly lease, yearly lease, or Pro Enhancements subscription. For those who have purchased the software without an active subscription, the upgrade cost is $290. You can check your account or enable your subscription here

What’s New? 

  • New Design Wizard workflow
  • Integrated auto album design with other design modules
  • Integrated Perfectly Clear retouching with design wizard
  • New auto design functionality for Gallery Designer
  • New auto design functionality for Card Designer
  • 10 new stock rooms now included ($300 value)
  • 12 new card designs now included ($200 value)
  • 1 new album design set now included ($50 value)
  • Enhanced Apple Silicon support on macOS for improved speed

New to Fundy Designer? Get started with our free trial! Ready to try the latest version of Fundy Designer? Click here to purchase or upgrade to Fundy Designer v11!


Do it all in Fundy Designer!

New to Fundy Designer? Get started with our free trial! Ready to try the latest version of Fundy Designer? Click here to purchase or upgrade to Fundy Designer v11!

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