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Unlocking Success: Expert Boudoir Photography Tips by Ashleigh Taylor

March 27, 2024

Award-winning photographer Ashleigh Taylor from Santa Barbara shares her journey and the impact of printed products in photography. In this blog post, we’ll explore her tips for success and how Fundy Designer has revolutionized her album creation, leaving clients speechless and boosting profits.

Empowering Women Through Photography

Ashleigh’s journey as a photographer began over a decade ago when she opened her brick-and-mortar studio in Santa Barbara. Specializing in boudoir and branding portraits, Ashleigh’s work captures the raw beauty and confidence of her clients. Through her lens, she empowers women to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their journey, one photo at a time. Ashleigh Taylor relies on Fundy Designer for its speed and ability to deliver luxury albums.

From Digital to Print: The Evolution of Ashleigh’s Business

Ashleigh, like many photographers, initially focused on digital services but soon recognized the value of printed products. Enter Fundy Designer, a game-changer in her photography journey. Fundy Designer streamlines her album design process, gone are the days of spending hours in Photoshop meticulously crafting album layouts. With Fundy Designer, Ashleigh designs stunning albums in minutes, thanks to auto design, allowing her to focus on what truly matters—capturing unforgettable moments behind the camera.

The Power of Fundy Designer v11

With Fundy Designer v11’s enhanced features and lightning-fast design capabilities, album design has reached new heights, reducing design time to a fraction of what it once was. Ashleigh shares her excitement, as the Design Wizard can further streamline her business and create even more breathtaking albums, wall art collections, and cards for her clients. Click here to learn more about the Design Wizard. 

The Power of Print & Direct Ordering

Ashleigh enhances her clients’ experience by offering high-end boudoir albums, providing lasting keepsakes that evoke emotions for years to come. Whether it’s the joy of holding a beautifully crafted album or the empowerment from seeing themselves in print, Ashleigh’s clients are forever changed by the power of print. With Fundy Designer’s seamless album lab integrations, you can design with print specs for over 150+ labs worldwide. Additionally, you can print directly from Fundy Designer to Miller’s Lab, Ashley’s lab of choice.

Watch Here to Learn More!

Discover how Ashleigh uses Fundy Designer to create breathtaking boudoir albums, empowering her clients, and revolutionizing the album design process. If you’re a photographer seeking to elevate your business, this video is a must-watch!

Do it all in Fundy Designer!

New to Fundy Designer? Get started with our free trial! Ready to try the latest version of Fundy Designer? Click here to purchase or upgrade to Fundy Designer v11!


Do it all in Fundy Designer!

New to Fundy Designer? Get started with our free trial! Ready to try the latest version of Fundy Designer? Click here to purchase or upgrade to Fundy Designer v10!

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