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Update Info for v7 Owners

January 13, 2017


Own v7 and Want to Know More About Pro Enhancements?

We understand, change can be confusing. The good news is that if you don’t want to change anything, you don’t have to. Just keep using Fundy Designer v7 as is – nothing will change.

But, you have a chance to get a free gift from us.

Because you are a v7 owner we’re giving you a chance to opt in to our Pro Enhancements and get a year absolutely free. With Pro Enhancements, you’ll get the online Design Proofer, one-click skin retouching from Perfectly Clear, and free upgrades to Fundy Designer as they come out. After one year it will cost just $179 a year (equivalent of $15 a month).

This offer of one year free is for a limited time, and once it’s gone, you’ll need to pay when you sign up instead.

What if I Already Have Design Proofer?

If you already have Design Proofer, you have two choices:

• Take no action and keep paying for Design Proofer as is.
• Opt in to the free year of Pro Enhancements, and get Design Proofer plus one-click skin retouching from Perfectly Clear and all the updates coming this year for free. After signing up, contact support and they will credit your account with the remaining balance on your Design Proofer account. Please note, the old Design Proofer service will not be offered on its own going forward, so once you make the move to Pro Enhancements, you won’t be able to go back. That said, we know you’ll love having so much more with the Pro Enhancements.

We know these are some big changes. But we’re really excited for these tools that will help you design better and do more. These changes allow us to bring more functionality to the Fundy Suite without having to ask you to keep buying modules or for upgrades. And you’ve seen the pace of our development, so with the new Pro Enhancements, we’ll be able to keep moving faster and faster.

Still have questions?

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