Upgrade Pricing to v7

Fundy Designer v6 was launched in February 2014, over two years ago. We have been providing free upgrades since that time. With v7 some of our users will be required to pay to upgrade from v6 to v7. This is based on how long they have been using the product.

If purchased between February 2014 and July 14, 2015, the upgrade to v7 will be a paid upgrade. If purchased between July 15, 2015 and now, the upgrade will be free. ** this is on a module per module basis, so if the purchases were made at different times part of your upgrade may be free and part of it maybe paid.

Paid Upgrade Pricing Explained

Upgrading Gallery Designer – FREE (all Gallery Designer upgrades will be free)

Upgrading Album Builder – $119

Upgrading Blog Collage – $29

Upgrading Image Brander – $9

Upgrading Your Entire Suite – $139

Special Upgrade Sale in April

In April for a very short time we will be running a special upgrade pricing sale that will be approximately 30% off the upgrade price. So an Album Builder only upgrade will be approximately $85 and a Suite Upgrade will be approximately $100. That’s a smoking deal for all of the upgrades in v7. You get the brand new image browser that matches all keywords and stars from Lightroom, Bridge and PhotoMechanic. You get the auto album design function and the new Quick Design Picker with over 150 new layouts.

Watch for that deal in early/mid April.