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Fundy Designer Quick Overview

January 01, 2021

Welcome to the Fundy Suite! We want to help you get going with your software right away, so we recommend starting with these short tutorials, each between just 4 and 7 minutes. 

Quick Start/Overview Video

Watch Quick Start

How to Create a Project

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How to Import Your Photos

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How to Organize Your Photos

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Getting Started with Your Design

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How to Use Drop Zones®

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New v10 Drop Zones 3.0

Working With Photos


Additional Tutorials

WATCH Keeping Photos Up To Date

WATCH Used and Unused Photos

Quick Links

Album Design Tutorials  

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Wall Art Design Tutorials  

See More

IPS, Pricing and Sales Tools

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IPS Workflow and Client Presentation


Online Design Proofing


Skin Retouching Workflow


Slideshow Creation and Export


Need Additional Assistance?

If you have other questions, our full-time, in-house support team is here to help. Simply submit a ticket, and they will respond to you within 24 business hours, if not sooner.

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