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Vanessa Joy’s Secret Referral Trick

February 13, 2020

Want your clients to do your marketing for you?  Learn from the master: Vanessa Joy.  Vanessa’s secret sauce is her strategy.  She provides FREE Save-The-Date and Thank You cards to each one of her wedding couples. Each of these cards has Vanessa’s logo, website, phone number, and email address. Friends and family of the bride and groom basically receive a Vanessa Joy marketing card before and after the wedding!

So, you might be asking, how are you generating revenue with a free product offering?  If we stop to think about it, all of our wedding couples’ family and friends are our potential clients. Our couples just do the hard work of sending out the marketing materials for you.  From a cost perspective, Vanessa builds in the cost of the cards into her packages and the investment pays for itself. Genius, right?

Watch Vanessa Joy talk about her process:

The rest of Vanessa Joy’s Fundy School Course is full of fantastic marketing advice. You can check out and purchase the rest of her course here

Learn How To Design Cards

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