Webinar | Make Your Business EPIC, with Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque

Join Amii & Andy Kauth of Sunshine & Reign Photography each month. They host our free “Fundy Designer Storyteller Webinar Series,” a series featuring the best photographers in the world! This month, two Fundy Storytellers join us: Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque.

So, are you looking to turn your photography into something EPIC? Then you’ll definitely want to hear what Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque have to say. REGISTER FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR HERE (June 26 at 10:30am PST)!

And if you missed this FREE WEBINAR? Well, you can access it via Facebook HERE.

Rafael (Rafael Serrano Photography) is a nationally renown wedding photographer (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas). Rafael focuses on capturing epic moments, creatively telling their clients’ stories.

A self-professed coffee addict, Miguel (Miguel Ocque Photography [Miami, Florida]) is an amazing family man, and a life-long creative. He found his true calling as a photographer after his daughter was born in 2009.

Now, during this free webinar, Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque will discuss how you can improve your business with IPS. How you can make it EPIC!

Most importantly, they’ll discuss how you can increase your sales by offering albums and “wall art clusters.” And when it comes to Fundy Designer? In particular, they love the ability Fundy has to transform the IPS process. In fact, they use Fundy for album design, custom designs for wall art, and even invoices. For Rafael and Miguel, Fundy truly does it all!

Over the course of the webinar, Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque will discuss their IPS system. From first contact with potential clients to delivery of the invoice, they truly have a system down!

So, definitely check out this FREE webinar. Meanwhile, find more about Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque on Instagram: Rafael Serrano Photography and Miguel Ocque Photography.

Finally, you can check out all of their upcoming workshops HERE. And the next one is happening soon (August 5-7 in NYC)!

All photographs are copyrighted by Rafael Serrano and Miguel Ocque of rafaelserranophotography.com and ocquephotos.com. They have been used with permission for Fundy Designer. Therefore, do not copy, modify, or re-post this article, or the included photographs, without express permission from Fundy Designer and the artists.