How To Design an Album in 5 Minutes

One of our ambassadors recently had just 5 minutes to design a client album due to a computer glitch. Not only did she design a stunning album in 5 minutes, but she also made an extra $3,000 in album upgrades when she presented it to the client. How did she do this in just 5 minutes?

The Power of Tags

She knew which photo she wanted to be on the cover of the album, so she found that photo and hit the C key to tag it as the cover.

She also knew a couple photos that she wanted to be  panoramas. She found those photos and hit the P key to tag them as a panorama. 

Hit the Auto Design

Then she hit the auto design and let Fundy Designer do its magic.

Next, she quickly scanned through the album and clicked the layout button to change and adjust any layouts she wanted to tweak. Voila! A stunning album in 5 minutes!

Lean on the Technology

We’ve done the hard work of programming Fundy Designer so it is a storytelling machine. As you hit these busy months, let the auto design do the hard work for you. And, as this example shows, it can drive the bottom line. 

Do it all in Fundy Designer!

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