Announcing Fundy Designer v10

Fundy Designer v10 – Crushing the Competition

As the world leader in design and sales software, we’re happy to announce the 2020 Fundy Designer update, full of tools that will make you more profitable and allow you to be more creative. 

New Drop Zones 3.0®

We’ve updated our patent, and now you are in complete control with Drop Zones. Custom resize any photo in a Drop Zone by simply grabbing and sliding. 

Now mix and match photos in columns and rows. Build any custom design you want in seconds.

Ben Hartley’s personal walkthrough of Drop Zones 3.0.


Custom Image Order

It’s here: new custom image ordering. Drag photos in any order in the image well or the image browser. 

Once you’ve put your images in the order that you love, use them in an auto designed albums, slideshows and more.

Geeta Randery’s personal walkthrough of Custom Image Order.

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New Custom Slideshows

Now build custom slideshows with images and designs in any order and match the slideshow length to your music.

New Flexible Slideshows will help you make more money. Add images and designs in blocks. Add a few images at the front of the show, then show an album design and then show more images – you decide, you’re in complete control. 

And with a click of a button, match the slideshow to the length of the song and have everything end at the same time. 

Will Cadena’s personal walkthrough of Custom Slideshows.

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New Theater Mode

Want everything to just fall away so you and your clients can focus just on the images or designs? You can now enter Theater Mode by just hitting the tab key or through the view menu. 

This large, glorious view will help you design better and sell more. 

Makayla Jade’s personal walkthrough of Theater Mode.

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Apply Partial Designs

Have you ever had half of an album spread or magazine spread designed and just wanted to design the second half? Well now you can do that and more. 

In the Quick Design Picker® you can now apply just the left page, just the right page or, even, just the remaining area without losing any of your design. 

Caroline Tran’s personal walkthrough of new powerful Quick Design Picker.

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Exposure Correction

We’re happy to announce new advanced exposure fix in Fundy Designer. We’ve tapped into Perfectly Clear’s patented technology and now you can intelligently fix overexposed and underexposed photos in Fundy Designer with ease. 

We’ve also updated the Perfectly Clear editing tab to give you even more control. Now you can use specific sliders for dialing in strength of both the under eyes and eye brightening. 

Jamie Schneider’s personal walkthrough of Exposure Correction.

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$2000 in New Design Library Items

We’ve added a ton of new value to the design library:

  • 25 new sets of Wall Previews
  • 11 new Album Designs
  • 8 new songs to evoke emotion 
  • 7 new Magazine Designs



Upgrade Costs and Purchase Options

  • Upgrade for FREE if you purchased v8 on or after Sept 1, 2019
  • Upgrade for $149, if you own v8
  • Upgrade for $199, if you own v6 or v7
  • Purchase Pro Suite for $499
  • Purchase Album Suite for $379
  • Lease Pro Suite for $24/month (paid yearly)


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