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Fundy Design Library: Additions to Boost Your Success!

February 08, 2024

The Fundy Design Library offers over $10K+ worth of assets for your projects, including studio magazine layouts, card designs, stock room views, royalty-free music, and more! We continually improve our design software and library, adding essential tools to enhance your business. The best part? Every update is available free of charge for all subscribers. On average, Fundy Designer users see an extra $50,000 in annual business revenue with our tools. This year, our goal is to continue helping each of you achieve this goal – we’re adding tools to streamline design, enhance marketing, and boost sales. Just this year, we’ve added two new studio magazine templates, two new marketing card sets, and two new Social Design App templates. Check them out below – and get ready to start making more money!

Two New Studio Magazines:

Increase your bookings and purchases with Studio Magazines. We have designed studio magazines in Fundy Designer to help you not only book more clients but also encourage them to order more printed products. Fortunately, the studio magazine templates included in the Design Library of Fundy Designer are not just beautifully designed; they are also professionally pre-written. Fundy Designer offers multiple magazine templates for weddings, family, boudoir, high school senior, commercial, and more! We’ve added two new magazine templates titled Wedding Magazine v7 and Family Magazine v6 to help boost your sales. To learn more about designing successful studio magazines, click here.

Three New Social Design Templates:

We’ve added three new 10-panel templates to the Social Design App. Elevate your social media game with our Winter Florals, Modern Gradient, and Retro Flowers designs. Revamp your social media presence with just a couple of clicks and unlock your creative potential. Download the app from your preferred app store today or use our desktop version to access the newest templates and start designing like a pro with the Social Design App!

Two New Marketing Card Sets:

Our marketing cards were designed with the intention of providing you with tangible items to share with your clients, fostering a physical connection. Marketing card templates are included in the Design Library of Fundy Designer. Additionally, for each card style, there are matching product marketing cards, gift certificate cards, magazine templates, and pricing cards available. We’ve recently added two new sets: the Family v4 Marketing Card set and the Wedding v4 Marketing Card set, each accompanied by matching magazine, gift certificate, and pricing card templates. All our Marketing Card Designs are available in the Fundy Designer Design Library, where you’ll find hundreds of customizable templates free for Fundy subscribers. To learn how to download and set up your marketing materials for greater success this year, click here.

Three New Save the Date Cards:

As photographers, we often prioritize upselling albums or wall art, but let’s not overlook the potential of save-the-date cards! Not only are they an excellent and cost-effective means to promote your work, but they also serve as a gateway to upselling other products. Craft any type of card in mere seconds with our Design Wizard. We’ve recently added three new save-the-date cards: Save the Date Card 41, Save the Date Card 42, and Save the Date Card 43. Get ready to explore our Design Library, which includes not only save-the-date cards but also various design categories such as thank you, holiday, graduation, and more! Click here to discover more about designing cards in Fundy Designer.

One New Engagement Album:

Engagement albums and signing books are nice product add-ons, while for others, they are major sources of revenue. We have recently added a new design set for engagement albums: Engagement Album 01, now available. If you want to use one of our design sets, launch the Design Library under the Fundy Designer menu. From there, you can sort and download the design you would like. You can easily select the design set type, which offers options for engagement, wedding, family, and more. Using the Design Wizard, you can create an engagement album within seconds! Click here to learn more about designing an album.

Do it all in Fundy Designer!

Whether you need to design an album in a hurry, create wall art for big sales, or craft engaging social media content, Fundy Designer has your back. Get all of this, plus slideshows and IPS tools, all for one low price. Is it the best deal in the entire photography industry? What other product is helping people earn an extra $50k+ a year?

The Design Library is free for anyone with a monthly lease, yearly lease, or Pro Enhancements subscription. For those who have purchased the software without an active subscription and would like to upgrade your account, you can check your account and enable your subscription here

New to Fundy Designer? Get started with our free trial! Ready to try the latest version of Fundy Designer? Click here to purchase or upgrade to Fundy Designer v11!


Do it all in Fundy Designer!

New to Fundy Designer? Get started with our free trial! Ready to try the latest version of Fundy Designer? Click here to purchase or upgrade to Fundy Designer v10!

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