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Unlocking Financial Success: A Journey to $50K and Beyond in Print Sales

January 18, 2024

From Novice to Pro: Real Success Stories

Imagine turning your passion for photography into a substantial income stream. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality for many using Fundy Designer. We’ve seen remarkable stories of success:

  • The $50K Club: If you are starting at zero, we’ll help you get here just like so many others first year Fundy users. Join the Storyteller Group on Facebook and follow our Youtube Channel for interviews with power users and first time success stories to support your growth.
  • The $100K Achievers: Stepping up the game, some have doubled their success, hitting over $100K in print sales per year.
  • The $200K Elite: A few exceptional talents have skyrocketed their earnings to more than $200K annually.

Even if you aren’t a Fundy Designer user, we want to share this framework with the entire professional photographer community. Our goal is to help 10,000+ professional wedding and portrait photographers make an extra $50k+ in 2024! 

Social Proof

Our Facebook group is full of these success stories. Some people just don’t believe it, but here’s proof of what’s possible when you focus on printed albums and wall art and have the professional tools to support that focus.

First-time Wonders

You don’t need to be an expert from day one. Imagine making $1,700 or even $2,000 on your first try with Fundy Designer! These screenshots from newbies underscore the program’s potential.

How Do They Do It? The Three-Step Path

Step 1: Showcase Prints More

High earners in photography don’t just click and edit; they transform photos into stories. They ask clients pivotal questions like:

  • “What’s the story behind these photos?”
  • “Where will these memories live in your home?”
  • “Which moments are album-worthy?”

Using Fundy Designer, they create compelling marketing materials, gift cards, album samples and stunning wall art mockups. We have tens of thousands of dollars in already complete templates and add more monthly so you can build materials that fit your brand and can be customized easily if you wish. We even provide you with the text for your marketing materials to edit as you like. The Design Proofer feature helps in exporting top-down views of albums and cards, and samples of wall art collections in actual rooms. When reviewing printed products, showing photos in albums layouts and wall art collections adds an extra layer of personal touch and shows clients options they didn’t know they would want.

Step 2: Design More with Fundy Designer v11

Fundy Designer v11 is a game-changer, enabling users to easily design larger albums, more wall art, and various cards. The Design Wizard is a marvel, creating entire album layouts, multiple wall art collections, and cards IN A SINGLE CLICK – all with automated fully retouched photos. You pick the template style and the Design Wizard does the work. It doesn’t get any easier. 

Step 3: Present Your Designs

The built-in automated slideshow feature in Fundy Designer elevates the presentation of your work. It’s not just any slideshow; it includes your finished designs along with the individual shots, all set to music that’s proven to boost sales. If a client is interested but undecided about some photos, you can upload the design and slideshow online for further customization in the moment. This seamless integration more than not, leads to additional sales, with some photographers earning an extra $10K to $30K annually by selling just the album slideshow as an add-on.


Watch Here to Unlock the Secret to Success:

Fundy Software’s Mission for 2024

Our mission at Fundy Software is clear: We aim to help photographers earn an extra $50K in 2024 compared to their 2023 earnings. Whether you’re just starting out or are already making significant print sales, Fundy Designer is here to elevate your business. With our latest release, Fundy Designer v11, there is no excuse for not selling albums to every client and adding wall art collections to the mix or vice versa. We’re constantly enhancing our software and sharing insights from high-earning users to help you reach and surpass your financial goals.

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